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Windshield wiper blades up in winter – Right Or Wrong?

car wipers in winter1

Larry Fedoruk is a friend who has a radio show on News Talk 610 CKTB. Here is his blog from today.  We thought it was useful information. Hope you do too….

During this unusually harsh winter, plenty of snow, ice, freezing rain, snow pellets, slush et al attack our cars. When storms happen, or the anticipation of storms, many people park their cars with wipers up, pulled away from the windshield, left like little antennae scanning the region for dangers.


Automotive experts have told me that this is potentially damaging to your wipers. Springs at the base of your wiper arm can accommodate lifting of the blades off the windshield, but not stretched to that extent for long periods of time. Therefore springs can be overstretched and mechanisms can fail at critical times.

They have also said that leaving them up is of no great benefit and that rubber is unlikely to rip from the arms if stuck to the glass. As for saving time in cleaning precipitation from the windshield, also not that benificial.

In my way of thinking, leaving them up also leaves them easy prey to vandals.

car wipers in winter

There have been others who say springs at the base of wipers are made strong and potential for damage is minimal. The debate goes on. It's interesting to me that most people have picked up this habit without thinking about it one way or the other. Motorist see, motorist do. It's a non-internet idea gone viral.

Common sense makes me go with the first argument. I have stopped this practice. How about you?

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