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When is a building permit required?

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A client of ours wanted to buy a property in the Wilson/Yonge area and he knew the final prize would be significant.  Before stepping into a competetive purchasing situation, he wanted to know if he could renovate the home to have a 'double garage'.  We went to the city's building department and got some good information.  The customer service person was thorough and very helpful.  While there, we picked up a booklet, 'Homeowner's Guide to Building Permits'…..

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Most construction projects require the property owner to apply for and obtain a building permit.

Specifically, a permit is required when you are:

  1. Building a new structure that is larger than ten metres squared (108 square feet).
  2. Building any addition to an existing structure.
  3. Renovating, including alterations that affect your building's compliance with building regulations (known as Material Alteration*)
  4. Demolishing all, or part of, a building.
  5. Installing new, or altering existing, mechanical or plumbing systems.

​*Material Alteration refers to alterations that will affect your project's compliance with building regulations.

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Work that requires a building permit:

Generally, all of the following work requires a building permit before beginning construction:

  • Carport/attached garage
  • Interior renovations including basement finishes, accessory apartments or the addition of a second suite, new or altered plumbing or mechanical system
  • Window/Door (if a new opening is created or enlarged)
  • Drain repair
  • Green roof
  • Chiminey/Fireplace (other than direct vent gas fireplace)
  • Recladding with brick or stone veneer.
  • An addition.
  • Backwater valve installation
  • Exterior basement stairwell or entrance.
  • Pool fence enclosure.
  • Deck/Porch/Balcony (if the deck is more than 60 centimeters, 24 inches, above the ground)
  • Accessory structure (if greater than ten square metres, such as a garage)

Examples of when a permit is not required can be found on-line at CLICK HERE

It is important to know that even if you do not require a building permit, compliance with Zoning Bylaw is required.

We have scanned a copy of the 'Homeowner's Guide to Building Permits'. If you would like a copy of it please contact us and we will email you the pdf.file 

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