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The treasures of Home in the moment

Old News paper stories - 001b

As a REALTOR I get to experience wonderful moments with my clients.  Preparing, marketing and selling a home is a very personal experience for everyone. It’s truly special.  Finding a home is unique with each person.  I am blessed to have a profession of special experiences. 

Every once in a while you have to step back and take in the moment.  In fact, too often, I don’t seem to have time for the moment.  Yesterday, I was able to take the moment in.  It was fascinating.

Every house has a history, a story, a personality.  That was clear last night.  While showing a home to a friend of mine and a client we noticed a pile of newspapers.  They looked a little aged and different because of the size (broadsheet).  Then we looked closer…..

In the moment, we were taken back….

Old News paper stories - 003 Old News paper stories - 004

……to June 6th, 1968 when the world experienced another Kennedy death by assassination.

Old News paper stories - 001a Old News paper stories - 001

… July 21st, 1969 when the world read about man walking on the moon the night before.  It had me remember where I was in that moment (Muskoka, watching a black and white TV)

Old News paper stories - 002

……to August 9th, 1974 the day after Nixon stepped down from the presidency in disgrace.

So, I’m often reminded that we each have a rich life of memories and moments.  And most often these moments get parked in our home. 

It is an honour to serve my friends and my clients in this profession of real estate.  Thank you for enabling me to share moments with you.

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