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The ecoENERGY program is back…but for a limited time only!

The Federal Government has renewed the ecoENERGY Retrofit – Homes program for 2011 – 12. You can save up to $5000 in federal grant money when you complete upgrades to your home. Here’s how the program works: You have to complete a “pre-retrofit audit” BEFORE you begin any renovations. The first visit is approximately 2 hours long and a thorough and independent energy efficiency evaluation is completed. The auditors will measure your house, count the windows and doors, and record the type of furnace, air conditioner, water heater and fireplace(s) present. They will look at how much insulation there is in the attic and basement and do a “Blower Door Test” to determine how air tight the house is. Following this visit, you will receive an ecoENERGY report, detailing recommendations on how you can save on utility bills and reduce reduce greenhouse gases.

Grants are available for upgrades on heating, air conditioning, tankless hot water systems, insulation, toilet upgrades and more. Visit: view the grant table of opportunities. The fee for the first audit is $325 + HST = $367.25. There is an Ontario government rebate of $150 towards this audit. And if you collect Aeroplan miles, AmeriSpec of Canada has partnered with Aeroplan so that you can receive 500 Aeroplan miles for booking your energy audit through them.
There is a follow up visit required after the upgrades have been completed. This visit takes 45 minutes to 1 hour (and must be completed no later than March 31st, 2012). At this visit the upgrades will be verified and the grant application will be completed. The “Blower Door Test” has to be run again at this appointment and the fee for this visit is $175 + HST = $197.75. The federal government grants take about 3 months to arrive.

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