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Summer Watering & Mowing

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This year we have enjoyed a moderately dry spring and varying temperatures.  As we settle into the warmer weather of summer, proper irrigation of your lawn become more important. 

Deep watering of 1.5 inches per week will help combat the dry weather and keep your lawn looking green and lush all summer long.  Each morning is the best time to water your lawn.  Afternoon and evening water is discouraged as it can promote many types of common fungus that occur naturally in the summer months.

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During the hot and dry summer months it is important to change your mowing habits.  Raise the mower blade to 2.5 to 3 inches to prevent moisture loss from evaporation.  Try to refrain from cutting your lawn when the temperatures are above 30 degrees celcius because this will cause trauma to the turf when it is most fragile. For the most consistent growth and to help avoid fungus issues change your mowing direction each time you cut.

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