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Some lawn care tips

It would seem that Mother Nature decided to skip spring this year. Mid-April this year we encountered one of the largest ice/snow events that we have ever seen at that time of year. We had snow and ice on the grass until almost the end of April. Then by the May long weekend we were seeing temperatures of +30C degrees. This left plants/trees and lawns coming out of dormancy late but very quickly.  This can cause problems with general maintenance. Many homeowners were still behind on their usual lawn and garden care by June as it was simply too much too quick. As we now move into the warmer summer months, Hometurf, our lawn care service provider recommends that you follow the mowing and watering tips below in order to keep your lawn looking and feeling it's best!

Raise your mower blade: During the hot and dry summer months it is important to change your mowing habits. Raise the mower blade to 2.5 to 3 inches to prevent moisture loss due to evaporation. Also try to refrain from cutting when the temperatures are above 30 degrees Celsius, this will cause trauma to the turf when it is most fragile. For more consistent growth and to help avoid fungus issues change the mowing direction each time you cut.

Deep watering of 1.5 inches per week will help to combat the dry weather and keep your lawn looking green and lush all summer long. Early morning is the best time to water. Afternoon or evening watering is strongly discouraged as it can promote many types of common fungus that occur naturally in the summer months.


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