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So you didn’t get that fence done yet

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That’s OK, here’s some information for you to know….

Before you start building your fence

If you plan to install a fence, have a cable locate done to ensure you don't come into contact with underground electrical cables or gas lines. Hitting a cable/gas line with a shovel or digger could cause severe injury, even death. By contacting Ontario One Call before you dig, you'll stay safe and avoid unnecessary damage to buried lines.

To request an underground cable locate:

  • Call Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255

  • Submit an e-ticket at

Ontario One Call is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please provide at least five working days’ notice. After Ontario One Call dispatches your request and we determine that there are cables in the area to be excavated, a service representative will visit your premises and mark them, free of charge.

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Fence Standards

Municipal Code, Chapter 447 – Fences provides standards for fences in Toronto, such as what is considered a fence, restrictions on heights and materials, swimming pool enclosure requirements and other standards. Some of these bylaw standards include:

  •     Back yard fences cannot be more than 6 feet 6 inches in height.​
  •     Front yard fences cannot be more than 4 feet high but the first 8 feet must be no higher than 39 inches if the material is opaque.
  •     Any outdoor swimming pools on private property must be surrounded by a swimming pool enclosure, described below.
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Chapter 447 defines a fence as a barrier between two adjoining properties that marks or divides their boundaries and/or partially or wholly encloses, divides or screens one from the other. A "line fence", also known as a division fence, is any fence marking the boundary between an owner's property and a neighbouring property. The purpose of a fence may be privacy, noise attenuation or other reasons

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Fence Agreements and Disputes

Neighbouring property owners may disagree about the need to build a fence, what type of fence to build, whether an existing fence needs to be reconstructed, maintenance or how costs should be shared.

When Neighbours Reach Agreements Themselves

If neighbours are able to reach an agreement on their own, they can document their agreement in writing using the form Fence Agreement Form 14.

When Neighbours Cannot Reach Agreements Themselves

If an agreement cannot be reached, ML&S administers an impartial arbitration process authorized by the provincial Line Fences Act to assist with line fence dispute resolution, using "Fence Viewers", persons appointed by the City Council.

Fence viewers will attempt to resolve line fence disputes between neighbours with adjoining properties and can deal with the type of fence and how the cost is shared, and do not assist with the fence location, unless it is impractical to place the fence on the property line, such as due to a stream. The initial fee for Fence Viewers is $1,110.


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