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REMINDER Winterize your outside water faucets

Winterize outdoor taps reminder3

Just a reminder for everyone.  It’s that time of year, ensure that all your exterior water taps are turned off and drained for the winter season!!

You can prevent water damage to your home by winterizing your outside faucets each fall. Winter temperatures can freeze the water that is trapped in the outside faucets and pipe connections. In some cases, this can damage the faucet or cause the pipe burst in the wall. Turning off the water supply to your outside faucets is the best way to prevent this problem.

Step 1: Locate Outside Faucets

Step 2: Locate Inside Shutoff Valves

Step 3: Turn Off Water

(Turn off water at inside valves by turning handle clockwise. Next, open outside water faucets. Drain excess water inside by opening drain cap with pliers, holding pail underneath to catch water. When water stops draining, close drain cap and snug slightly (Do Not Over-tighten!) with pliers. Close outside water faucets.)

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