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Prepare your home for the winter season

It’s been a wonderful fall season! Now that winter is fast approaching,
here are a few maintenance items to complete before the snow flies.

Winterize any exterior plumbing connections. Shut off the interior valves and bleed out the air to prevent freezing in the water pipes over the winter.

Shut off the breaker for your air conditioner. There’s a small heater in the bottom of the compressor on the exterior of your home. It uses about as much power as a 40 watt light bulb. There’s no sense in wasting all that energy over the winter. Just remember to turn the breaker on again at
least 24 hours prior to using the air conditioner in the spring so it can
heat the oil again in the compressor.

Prepare your heating system for the season ahead by having it properly serviced.

Change your furnace filter.

Check flashings around all roof vents, skylights and other openings.

Trim back tree limbs and vegetation
that has grown close to the house.

Clean out leaves and residue from
your eaves troughs. Extend
downspouts about 6 feet out from
the foundation to ensure good

Check caulking for deterioration
around all openings and joints
between wood, capping and masonry.

Check weather-stripping to ensure
air tightness around doors.

Preparing your home
throughout the seasons
ensures a safe and healthy

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