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Lawn Care – End of Summer update

Summer weather and your lawn…

What a roller coaster this season has been, we quickly went from winter to summer! We have seen extended periods of hot and dry conditions and what little rain we have received has been passing thundershowers that are simply not adequate for watering our lawns and gardens. The drought can bring a lawn into dormancy to help protect it from the summer heat if you are not watering. The good news is that turf is resilient and will recover nicely during the fall as weather conditions normalize. To ensure that your lawn continues to thrive this fall please follow our fall maintenance tips below. 

Recommended Fall Maintenance… 

The fall is an extremely important maintenance time for your lawn. To help your lawn recover from signs of drought stress, rake up any dead grass/thatch that may have built up during the summer months. Once temperatures cool down, it is a good time to seed any areas that appear bare or thin to prevent weeds from seeding. Continue to practice good mowing and watering habits as the season winds down. Gradually lowering the mowing height and clearing thatch before the snow arrives will help make your spring clean-up much easier!


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