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Its worth the drive to….


In asking clients about their lifestyle goals one of the most common responses is … Travel!

So, I thought you might be interested in hearing why “It’s Worth the Drive to Buffalo” – the Buffalo Airport, that is.

First, the drive to the Buffalo Airport may take less time (depending upon where you live) and is likely to be less stressful. Particularly if you have a NEXUS CARD which lets you use the almost always empty Whirlpool Bridge entry to the US

Parking in the Preferred Long Term Lot at the Buffalo Airport means a short walk to the terminal (they also run shuttle buses).

Parking is $13 a day, $78 a week. {Toronto is $28 a day / $140 a week}

For more info on Buffalo Airport Parking

Flights are less … much less. A single fare (including all taxes and fees, including baggage fees) to Orlando this October:

From Toronto:
Air Canada $584.00

From Buffalo:
Southwest Airlines $319.20 {$20 more buys priority boarding}

United Airlines $ 79.20 (through Aeroplan using 25,000 Miles)

*yes, you can use Aeroplan miles – just enter Buffalo as your departure city

But maybe the best part of flying out of Buffalo is the lines. First, you wait in the comfort of your car as you cross the border and clear US Customs. Next, Buffalo has one (that’s right, ONE) line to clear Security and it moves quickly with staff who are usually polite and pleasant.

For me, it’s worth the drive to Buffalo!

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