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Getting Started With Your Lawn Care

After a long cold winter (and spring) with plenty of snow accumulation your lawn will need a little TLC as it recovers from the winter dormancy period.  Once the weather allows, it is recommended that you rake the lawn to remove thatch, especially in areas where large piles of snow accumulated.  Seeding can help to restore any areas that still show signs of winter damage once temperatures permit.  And remember that proper cultural practices, such as mowing and watering can play a major role in preventing weed and disease infestations.

About Raking:

It’s recommended that you rake the lawn at least twice per year, once in the spring and again in the fall. Use a hard rake to remove the thatch. Thatch is a build-up of dead grass that creates a barrier between the surface and the soil, making it difficult for water and other nutrients to reach the soil level.  This can lead to lawn diseases and other problems.

Note:  We use a service ‘hometurf Lawn Care Service’'.  We are very pleased with how they assist us in our lawn care. They have a number of lawn care programs to choose from.  You can find them online at


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