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Finding Foreclosures or Fixer Uppers in Etobicoke

Most foreclosed properties have been taken over by a bank for non-payment of the mortgage. This can also result from chronic failure to pay due property taxes. Distress Sales can result from late mortgage or taxes, or other urgent reasons. Here are some things about foreclosures or fixer-uppers you may not know:

Some of these properties are very difficult to find
etobicoke foreclosuresPower of sales are not identifiable on the public online listing services, but we have the tools to search and collect them all. Our Fixer Uppers List is one of the most extensive listing available for the Greater Toronto Area.

We have done the virtually impossible for you
We conduct daily comprehensive searches on the live realtor listing database which has far newer info than the public MLS site. We have several tools using background information not available to the public.

Not all of these properties require major work
It's true that many Foreclosures or Estate Properties do not require major renovations. Many just need some cosmetic updates like a fresh coat of paint. Also a good number of these foreclosure properties are vacant, so buyers that can offer a quick closing could have an advantage when bidding.

Some Power of Sales are Major Fixer-Uppers and/or Flip Opportunities
Some properties do require extensive work, such as new flooring and windows or even mechanicals (like furnace, air conditioning, plumbing). In those cases we strongly recommend hiring a certified home inspector to conduct a thorough inspection so you can budget accordingly. In some cases, if the house is not habitable, you may need to ensure your bank give you a mortgage.

Get the Most Extensive Information Now, Tailored to Your Needs
Please provide us with accurate contact information below, and tell us a bit about the kind of opportunity you are looking for, so we can provide you the most extensive list and alert you when we come across a property that best suits your needs.

Click here to get our list of Foreclosures, Fixer Uppers and other Below Market value properties.

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