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Choosing an Air Conditioning Unit

My 17 year old air conditioning unit, sadly, has come to the end of its life so I have been doing some research on what the best replacement unit will be based on efficiency, price and dependability. I asked Roger Orvis, over at Amerispec Home Inspections what he thought and I thought his answer was worth sharing. Here is is:

Hi Jackie,

Thanks for your email. The short answer is: “That depends!”

You should make sure you are comparing the same efficiency. Air conditioner
efficiency is measured by SEER, (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). The
Carrier and Lennox models are normally 15 SEER or higher and the Goodman may
only be a 13.5 SEER model. So the capital cost may be less for Goodman but
the ongoing operation will cost you more.

The next thing is how long do you plan on living in the house with this air
conditioner because the Carrier and Lennox models will probably last longer.
Goodman maybe 15 years, the Carrier & Lennox maybe 20 years or more.

Thirdly, how noisy will the air conditioner be? Typically, the more
expensive the A/C, the quieter the unit is. This is important at our house
where our older A/C is right beside our outdoor eating area. To enjoy a
BBQ, we normally have to shut the A/C off! That may not be an issue for you
if the A/C is at the front of the house and the patio is at the back.

I’d also compare the warranties for all three.

If you’d like another quote from a good company, we use “Home Comfort
Canada” at 416-622-0055. They install Lennox equipment. All the clients
that have used them tell us how good they are. All the best,

Roger Orvis, Business Owner
AmeriSpec Toronto West and Mississauga
Tel: 416-410-0909
Fax: 416-253-9925

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