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What’s Happening!?!

Hiking On The Bruce Trail

We have been invited by our brokerage to be on the "ALC" or Agents Leadership Council for 2020. This is a privilege that we accepted with some healthy trepidation. It's an awesome group of Realtors that we sit along side… Continue reading

Dr. Frankenstein has his lab on our street

We are ready for another big night (probably 100+) of trick or treaters tomorrow. They come from all around the city to see Dr. Frankenstein's Lab that's a few doors down the street from us. Of course they load up… Continue reading

The first-ever picture of a Black Hole

An image of M87, a Black Hole, was revealed today by a group of scientists at The National Science Foundation

In April 2017, scientists used a global network of telescopes to see and capture the first-ever picture of a black… Continue reading

REMINDER! Tonight is the night to change your clocks forward!

It's the unofficial start of spring! Daylight Saving Time goes into effect tonight (tomorrow morning) at 2 am. Turn your clocks forward!  (Also, make sure your smoke detector batteries are fresh)

We go back to standard time on Nov. 3rd.



Let it snow, let it snow!

"Snow Day!"……"Yeah!"


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