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Special Events

Our Neighbour’s Halloween Setup


Here's why we need lots of candy every year when Halloween comes around our place. Our neighbour does an AWESOME Halloween House! It attracts trick or treaters from all over Toronto. This year, it's the best ever. Check it out!


Airshow 2018 Snowbird Finale

Friends of ours live in Palace Pier on one of the upper floors. They face the city and have a magnificent view of the Toronto Skyline.  Yesterday we visited them and were able to enjoy good company, a glass of wine… Continue reading

The Jackie Carron Home Selling Team Summer BBQ

It was a BLAST at our Backyard BBQ this year! We really appreciate our clients and people whom they refer us to.  One of the ways we like to show our appreciation is at our annual SUMMER BACKYARD BBQ!

This year,… Continue reading

Popping By for Mother’s Day


Summer BBQ with clients on the deck

Lots of fun on the DECK!

We have been looking forward to inviting our clients over for a casual evening.  After completing a renovation in our backyard, it made sense to have a ‘Summer BBQ’ on our new deck. Invitations… Continue reading

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