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Random Ideas

Random Ideas

Oscars Casino & Game Night

A fun night was had by all at our annual Casino Night the other night. We had some laughs! All the proceeds went to KWCares which is a charity created to support Keller Williams associates and families with hardship as… Continue reading

Electrical: GFCI and AFCI Devices

GFCI outlet

GFCI and AFCI are specialized electrical safety devices with very different purposes.

A GFCI, or ground fault circuit interrupter, is an inexpensive device that is designed to protect people from electrical shock in the home. GFCI… Continue reading

How to make a Swedish fire log

How to make a Swedish fire log1

A Swedish fire log, also known as a Canadian candle, is a log that has been vertically cut and set on fire. What's great about the fire is that it's self-feeding. The log burns from the inside out and the… Continue reading

Summer Solstice Festival

stonehenge - festival of summer solstis

We are now fully and completely into summer.  Isn’t it wonderful!?! 

The summer solstice happened this past weekend and like every year it’s a good reason to celebrate the longest day of the year at Stonehenge.  Archeologists think that Stonehenge… Continue reading

Great idea for your home in 2015

2015 idea - 001

Need to charge up your iPhone and you can't find the power pack to plug into the wall socket or you just don't have any more room on that power bar?  Install a electrical outlet with a USB ppower source… Continue reading

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