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House and Home

House and Home

Now is the time to improve your home’s VALUE

Improve Your Homes Value - 1 (Title)

If you're like many homeowners, you think of two things: How much is my home worth, and what can I do to improve its value? Your home's value depends on many factors, including it's location, age, size and condition.  While… Continue reading

Summer Watering & Mowing

watering a lawn1

This year we have enjoyed a moderately dry spring and varying temperatures.  As we settle into the warmer weather of summer, proper irrigation of your lawn become more important. 

Deep watering of 1.5 inches per week will help combat the… Continue reading

Have you aerated your lawn?

lawn aeration

Treating your lawn with nutrients, watering it properly and cutting it at the right time is part of good lawn care BUT aeration is a key step in great lawn care.

Aeration allows air, water and nutrients to more readily… Continue reading

Great idea for your home in 2015

2015 idea - 001

Need to charge up your iPhone and you can't find the power pack to plug into the wall socket or you just don't have any more room on that power bar?  Install a electrical outlet with a USB ppower source… Continue reading

8 ways to have a smooth move when pregnant

poppin and pregnant
Moving is a stressful event at the best of times. When you’re three, five or even eight months pregnant, moving can feel entirely overwhelming.
Here are eight tips to keep the stress down and the spirits high… Continue reading

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