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Be Cool and Conserve With Toronto Hydro –interesting

TORONTO, July 7, 2011 /CNW/ – With the arrival of summer-like temperatures, the mercury isn’t the only thing rising. Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited (“Toronto Hydro”) sees the direct effects of our collective need to keep cool with an increased demand on Toronto’s electricity grid.

Summer cooling habits can account for up to 60 per cent of customers’ summer electricity usage1; but warmer weather doesn’t have to mean higher electricity bills. Now there are even more ways to manage your bill without compromising your comfort.

Reduce your load

For a limited time only, customers with central air conditioning can sign up to our peaksaver® program and receive a $25 credit on their bill. peaksaver® helps reduce the demand on Toronto’s grid by automatically cycling down your air conditioner during specific peak times during the day, when the demand on the grid is highest. Really savvy savers can go a step further with PowerShift® to reduce the load more often by signing up to cycle down when temperatures reach 27 degrees Celsius or higher.

Take advantage of efficiency incentives

By investing in efficient heating and cooling systems, customers can receive up to $650* through the HEATING & COOLING INCENTIVE program. What’s more, once your installation is complete, you can save up to $325 a year on your energy costs.2

Shift and save

Customers can also take advantage of Time-of-Use rates by shifting non-essential electricity consumption to off-peak times to help lower electricity rates. Running an averaged sized central air conditioner for 24 hours at 25 degrees Celsius would cost approximately $7.74 (electricity cost only) versus $4.25 for running it only during off-peak hours.3

Small changes, big difference

* Setting your AC temperature at least one degree higher than you normally would and supplementing with a ceiling fan will keep you feeling comfortable while you conserve.
* Using a programmable thermostat to turn off (or up) your AC when you’re not at home during peak times will help lower your consumption and reduce the demand on the grid.
* Closing windows and doors when your AC is on and drawing the shades to keep the hot sun out will help keep you cool and decrease your costs.

For more tips and information on Toronto Hydro’s conservation programs like peaksaver® and PowerShift®, visit

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