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Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day 2

Looking for a good REALTOR®? Our team approach is the 'stonehenge of home selling'.  Our mission is for our clients to have unforgettably good experiences through the business of real estate. We would like to impress you. Call today.… Continue reading

Have you aerated your lawn?

lawn aeration

Treating your lawn with nutrients, watering it properly and cutting it at the right time is part of good lawn care BUT aeration is a key step in great lawn care.

Aeration allows air, water and nutrients to more readily… Continue reading

With sincere appreciation and warmest thanks

We love getting a card from a happy client.  This thank you message is special….

To Jackie & Fred,

We want to extend our gratitude and thanks for your ongoing help and assistance.  Your expertise and wisdom has been invaluable. … Continue reading

All our friends and family are still amazed at the fact that Jackie was able to find us our perfect home

Testimonial - 7035 Rexwood Rd (Sufyan & Laura)

We are very thankful to have your family in our real estate business.  We appreciate your special message…..



As first time home buyers, we were somewhat reluctant in finding the prefect real estate agent.  After doing some research,… Continue reading

490 Rathburn Road – Progress in the building of a custom home


Feb 28th, 2015

490 Rathburn Rd - general pics - 2015-02-27a

End of January

490 Rathburn Rd - 1Construction site (1-28) 490 Rathburn Rd - Construction - 001a (foundation)

Feb 15th

490 Rathburn Rd - Construction - 003c (Framing) (2-17)
Feb 24th
490 Rathburn Rd - Construction - 004a (Framing) (2-24) 490 Rathburn Rd - Construction - 004c (Framing)

Feb 26th

490 Rathburn Rd - Construction - 005a (Framing) (2-26) 490 Rathburn Rd - Construction - 005d (Framing)
490 Rathburn Rd - Construction - 005e (Framing) 490 Rathburn Rd - Construction - 005f (Framing)

Feb 27th

490 Rathburn Rd - Construction - 006a (Framing) (2-27)
490 Rathburn Rd - Construction - 006d (Framing) 490 Rathburn Rd - Construction - 006f (Framing)

When it’s finished

490 Rathburn Rd - Final Final Rendering in jpg (cropped1)

For more information about this wonderful 'being built' custom house go to:

Click here to go to 490… Continue reading

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