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20 powerful, award-winning photos


PHOTO OF THE YEAR: "Sand Hill Cranes" by Randy Olson

Every year, the Siena International Photo Awards brings together the best photographers from around the world to share their perspectives of some of the most beautiful, striking places on Earth. The winner receives €1,500 (about $1,750) worth of photography equipment and the esteemed Pangea Prize.

The images range from stunning landscapes to subtle portraits and dramatic encounters in the animal kingdom in categories such as nature, sports, travel, and architecture, as well as a student division for up-and-coming photographers under the age of 20.

Here are some images from this year's contest.


"At World's End" by Alessandra Meniconzi


"Flatiron Building In The Snowstorm" by Michele Palazzo


"The Most Wuthering Heights Ever" by Kristin Linnea Backe


"Ice Cave" by Markus van Hauten


"Betel Nut" by M. Yousuf Tushar


"Spring Time" by Marina Malikova


"Peak" by Petar Sabol


"I'm Here" by Joao Taborda


"Blue Hat Group" by Klaus Lenzen


"Canoe" by Ian MacNicol


"Winner" by Amir Hossein Kamali


"Love Fighting" by Pierluigi Rizzato


"Eve-teasing" by Pronob Ghosh


"Book Temple III" by Hans-Martin Doelz


"Athabasca Cave" by Juan Pablo De Miguel


"Caramel" by Aristeidis Apostolopoulos


"Breaking The Fast In Congregation" by Noor Ahmed Gelal


"Heavy Load" by Chunshui Yu


"Chronicle Of Transition" by Songge Cui


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